Светофильтр nd32 мавик эйр pgy tech (пиджиай)

Светофильтр nd32 мавик эйр pgy tech (пиджиай) комплект combo к бпла спарк

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CptLuke Offline CptLuke lvl. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Hi I Love Drones, The first sets were designed to be installed after gimbal start up, why? Here are my observations. Made of high-quality optical glass.

Neutral Density Filter (ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32): Great for portraiture and outdoor scenes in strong sunlight. Reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color. Applies slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure. Allows wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field. ND4 reduces the  Не найдено: светофильтр ‎эйр ‎пиджиай. I have always been happy with the polar pro however I haven't tried the Pgytech. It would be interesting to compare the two with the mavic especially since they will be a slip on style instead of the threaded style that I am familiar with in the past.Не найдено: светофильтр ‎nd32 ‎эйр ‎пиджиай. PGYTECH is born from a true passion for action photography. Whether you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, PGYTECH has the right product for.Не найдено: светофильтр ‎nd32 ‎эйр ‎пиджиай.